The Palms Hotel Partners With The Hefners





The Playboy Suite On The Fiftieth Floor






Your Own Studio To Make Naughty Movies






The Icon Of Sex - Hugh Hefner








Abe Morovitz And Wife Christie Hefner








George Maloof Of The Palms Hotel






George With Brother Phil




The Maloof Family








George Maloof

He is one of the six Maloofs, and runs the Palms Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas. If your a 'Free Spirit' the Palms is the place to go, women and parties are everywhere.





Maloof And Christie Hefner Join Forces

And a couple years ago Maloof heard that Playboy exec Christie Hefner was interested in expanding the Playboy brand to Vegas.

"A friend called me and said she was interested, so I called her and we started talking about a lot of different ideas," Maloof said Monday during a phone interview.





The Morton Group Is involved

The N9NE Group principals Michael Morton symbolically light the giant Playboy rabbit head you've probably noticed stuck to the building, facing the Strip. The restaurant and club are operated by the N9NE Group, which also runs Rain, Ghostbar, N9NE Steak House and the Palms Pool & Bungalows.





The Exclusive Playboy Top Floors

Maloof took the top three floors and created a special complex, there is a recording studio, fantasy suites, and a bevy of bunnies. This is an all-in-one entertainment destination in the sky with a restaurant, dancing, gaming and lounging within a three-story space connected by escalators.

"The town has never seen anything like this.", says Maloof.





Paris Hilton Has Celebrity Appearances

Another one of the glamorous people. She looks like her Nana Sarah Tililman (Zsa Zsa)





A Pool Waitress

The Palms is one wild hotel.





The Fabulous Maloofs

There is George, Gavin, Joe and Phil; sister Adrienne; and mother, Colleen, helped finance the new horror flick "Feast." All the Maloofs are members of the Screen Actors Guild and hope to become major players in the film industry. Phil Maloof is leading the pack in that effort.






Shelly Adelson, the King of Vegas

When asked what a Lebanese family is doing in a town run by Zionists like the Adelsons, Wynns, Pritzkers, Rothskeys, Shelly gave a big smile and a wink.










They Sure Came A Long Way From Their Krakow Ghettos

The Palms is half naked waitresses and rich Zionists. The Maloofs started with a beer distributorship in New Mexico. The Maloofs say they are Lebanese, and Hefner says he is an English Methodist.

Somehow I picture them as the young Abbie Rothstein in the book Portnoy's Complaint.






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