Jews Are Genetically Smarter

Prof Murray says natural selection has made Jews like Albert Einstein smarter. Controversial political scientist Charles Murray says Jews have become disproportionately intelligent due to natural selection during centuries of exile.

The argument over nature versus nurture - do your genes or your upbringing determine your intelligence - has been raging since the Victorian era, but it never gets more angry than when the question of race is involved.





Izzie Eysenck Said Blacks Are Inferior

In the 1970s and 80s, professors Arthur Jensen and HJ Eysenck, were the target of angry campus protests in Britain, America and Australia almost every time they lectured because their research implied African people in particular had lower IQs than other races.






Richard Hernstein

Experimental psychologist Richard Herrnstein coauthored the book the Bell Curve which said a IQ of 135 is normal in Jews.






It's Not Environment But Rather Genetics

Murray says: - "Well, in fact, in all of my published material regarding The Bell Curve and IQ, we were very careful ... to say that the nature-nurture debate is pretty artificial in this sense. If you're talking about IQ, nobody denies that environment plays a very important role.

People being genetically superior is a fact of life.  The existence of group differences which should occupy our attention, not whether they are genetic or environmental."






Jews Are Gifted

"Yes ... you're exactly right. When I did the article on Jews and their disproportionate accomplishment relative to their numbers in the arts and sciences, I come down explicitly and say it looks to me like this is going to be genetic. In the case of Jews - Ashkenazi Jews in particular, but Jews in general in a larger sense - I'm much more comfortable saying there is no good environmental explanation for the difference."





Jewish Approach To Education Helps

"That's of course the first explanation, that Jews value education, and in the course of spelling out the argument, I say, 'Look, what kind of culture is going to highly value education?

The fact that Jews control the administrative, curriculum, and most professors is because they are just smarter.






What Made Collin Powell So Special

Is a black from the Caribbean more gifted than a black from Africa? Professor Murray acknowledges that even blacks can produce a great leader. The fact that his grandfather was Jewish might be the key factor.






The Book The Bell Curve

Intelligence is one, if not the most, important correlative factor in economic, social, and overall success in America, and is becoming more important. Intelligence is largely 80% genetically heritable.









A counter argument on Jewish intelligence

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