Samuel Sheinbein And Aaron Needles







They Beat Alfredo Tello To Death









Sholmo Sheinbein Put His Son On A Jet To Israel









Fleeing To Israel Is Becoming Common








 Jews Are Not Allowed To Be Extradited From Israel







What Did They Do

Sheinbein and Needles were homosexual lovers. One day they had Tello over, he resisted, so Sheinbein drugged him. The two monsters then  ravaged Tello for hours. When Tello woke up a struggle broke out, and Sheinbein clubbed the young man to death.





Disposed Of The Body

Next they dragged the gentile out to the garage and cut the head off.






Body Was Burned

Arron Needles said Sheinbein performed oral sex on the corpse and cut off the penis as a trophy.





Needles Is Arrested

The story goes is that Aaron Needles is arrested, and hangs himself. There are some that contend it was staged like Irv Rubin, and Needles is in Israel.






The Father Was Never Charged Till After He Fled Too

Sheinbein said he did nothing to hinder police in 1997. He said he met his son in New York, drove him to the airport and bought him a plane ticket to Israel because his son was suicidal and he thought the teenager could "calm down" with relatives there. Though police had served a search warrant on his home that week, he said he was unaware of any warrant for his son's arrest at the time.






Sheinbein Arrested In Israel

The Israelis arrested him, and refused to extradite. He received a 24 yr sentence, but is allowed out a weekends.





American Prosecutors Feign Outrage

The plea agreement reached in the Israeli judicial system will allow Sheinbein weekend furloughs in four years and parole in 14 years, said displeased Maryland prosecutors.

"It is our view that it is an insult to justice that Mr. Sheinbein will be free to walk the streets of Israel under the most likely scenario when he is 33 years of age," said Douglas Gansler, the Montgomery County, Maryland, state's attorney, when he announced the plea bargain on Tuesday.






Israel's Extradition Law

A 1977 amendment to the Israeli Extradition Law approved after the agreement with Washington was signed prevents the extradition of Israeli citizens to other countries, including the US.

Begin told the Knesset that "we must also take into account the complex, sensitive and unique situation in which Jews find themselves in foreign countries. Even though there is freedom and equality before the law in most countries, it is best that when the strong arm of the law is applied against [a Jew], it be Israeli law."








Their Claim Is Based In Persecution

Jews claim they have been the victims of relentless persecution and angry Goyim, and that is their basis of non extradition.







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