Canadian PM Won't Attend Medal Ceremony







Harper Questions Appropriateness Of Giving The Medal








The Yenta Teskey Harper









Canada to honour officer killed when Israel struck UN post

An officer killed in an Israeli attack while serving as a UN observer in Lebanon is one of three Canadian soldiers who will be honoured for meritorious service, said a statement Monday from Gov. Gen. MichaŽlle Jean.





Military Medal Of Valour

In Hess-von Kruedener's case, the decoration is for "outstanding performance and dedication to duty while serving at a United Nations observation post in the Khiam area of southern Lebanon."






Kofi Annan Called It An Execution

Kofi Annan, the UN secretary general at the time of the 2006 attack, initially called the bombardment "an apparently deliberate act." Israel said it was a mistake, and






Harper Won't Attend The Medal Ceremony

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said he doubted that Israel would deliberately attack a UN post. Attending the ceremony would insult Israel. 6





Harper's Wife

L. Esther Harper was born into a Jewish family, and they have two children, Benjamin and Rachel.








Israeli Execution Of U.N. Forces

Harper Grovels To Canadian Zionists

Attack On Canadian High School

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