Joel Abraham Rifkin Was A Serial Killer







He Killed At Least 19 Women









He Winds Up At A Country Club Prison






Danamora Is Called The Kosher Country Club








They Even Have Their Own Patio Gardens









Nice Young Jewish Boy

Joel David Rifkin, grew up on Garden Street in East Meadow, Long Island.




Just A Good Quiet Family

Benjamin Rifkin Sr, Rachel Jean the mother, and Naomi the sister.





He Went To East Meadow High School

According to Elie Sorkin, the school principal, Rifkin had a 128 IQ, but he was considered strange even by his fellow Zionists standards. He was found in the girl's locker with his pants to his ankles going through the underwear. He said some school bullies threw him in the dressing room. His nickname was "The Turtle," because of his constant erections.





Joel Goes To NY State University

Rifkin goes from a panty-sniffing nerd to a honor student on a scholarship.







 Rifkin Meets a Girl

Joel was given an internship at the prestigious Planting Fields Arboretum in Oyster Bay, New York. The appointment was an honor, and it had an unexpected bonus. Joel found himself strongly attracted to one of the other interns, a pretty blond gentile, but while he shadowed her at every opportunity, she found him objectionable.






 Rifkin Starts His Killing Spree In 1989

He went to Manhattan's East Village, picked up a hooker, brought her to his house, and beat her to death with a howitzer shell.  

Upon waking, he dragged Susie down to the basement, draped her body across the washer and dryer, then used that makeshift operating table to dismember her corpse with an X-acto knife. In his mind, the grim task was "reduced to biology class." To foil identification, Rifkin severed Susie's fingertips and pulled her teeth with pliers, then jammed her severed head into an old paint can. The other parts went into garbage bags and then into his mother's car.

Rifkin drove the body parts across the state line to New Jersey, dropping the head and legs in the woods near Hopewell. 







From 1989 To 1993

Rifkin killed, and dismembered, 19 women.





Momma Says She Knew Nothing

The house stunk, the garage reeked, and Momma drove around with rotting corpses in the trunk.  His latest victim, Angela Bresciani, lay sprawled in the backseat of his mother's car. By the time he got home, she was swaddled in tarp and concealed in the trunk.

Rifkin had just arrived home when his mother demanded her car keys and embarked on a 30-minute shopping trip, with the corpse still in the trunk.







After Three Days He Transports The Body

He was on his way to dump the corpse near Melville's Republic Airport, some 15 miles north of his house, when Troopers Ruane and Spaargaren noted his lack of a rear license plate. They pulled back the tarp, there was a rotting corpse, and Joel was arrested.






Investigators Explore The Rifkin House

In Rifkin's cluttered garage, detectives followed their noses to a reeking wheelbarrow, extracting three ounces of human blood. A pair of women's panties lay on the floor, near a stockpile of rope and tarp. A chainsaw found in the garage was stained with blood and bits of human flesh. 






Conveniently, He Had Bungling Lawyers

Arraigned for the Bresciani homicide on July 15, 1993, Rifkin repeated his plea of not guilty. He fired his first lawyer, and stalled for time. Zionists pulled out all stops,  District Attorney Fred Klein offered Rifkin 46 years to life on all 17 murders, in return for a blanket guilty plea. Rifkin fired his second set of lawyers, 





His Trial And Judge Ira Wexner

Jury selection for Rifkin's first trial, before Wexner, began on April 11, 1994. A panel of seven men and five women was seated nine days later, with opening arguments begun on April 20. Rifkin, for his part, snored through much of the prosecution's case, a performance Lawrence blamed on allergies to the bologna sandwiches he ate in jail. Long Island psychiatrist 'Babs' Kirwin deemed Rifkin's psychological test results "the most pathological" she had seen in 20 years of practice. 

Wexner gave Rifkin 25 years to life for murder, plus two and one-third to seven years on the lesser charge.





Rifkin Is In  A Country Club

A serial killer is in Danamora prison, where there is a ski hill, and the prisoners have their own yards.









Special Justice For Special People

Joel Rifkin admitted to butchering 19 women, but who knows the real number. Then he winds up in Danamora prison. He will sit out the next fifty years between the medical ward, and his prison garden, well- medicated and very content.







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