R.Abraham Putnam On Diversity








Another Ivy League Renegade

This is about as earth-shaking as Mearsheimer and Walt's piece on the fact that the Israeli lobby directs US foreign policy. Professor Putnam tells us multiculturalism can cause communication problems.








Putnam Is An Ivy League Liberal

Six years ago he wrote a book how multicultural diversity in communities led to a breakdown of the social fabric.





A Book Of Great Historical Value And Insight

Does this masterpiece explain why Chinese have Chinatowns in major American cities?











Maybe There Is A Connection Here

Does this mean that the wealthy don't hang with their black chauffeurs?









Blacks And Blacks

Why do blacks marry blacks?






Why Do Zebras Hang With Zebras

It is a profound question. Thank God for Zio-academics with 185 IQs.








Diversity Is A Simple Theory

The lack of diversity occurs along social lines, wealth, color, nationality, language, religious, since the beginning of time. Jewish people don't like to breed interracially, look at Israel.







Here Is The Real Question

What is the advantage to a multi cultural society? There is none. Diversity creates isolation, lack of focus.









A 1902 Lynching In Minnesota

Sand Lake was a town of 6,000, a farming community of hard working Swedes. One day five New York swindlers show up and buy the bank, and in short order they embezzle it. 6,000 Swedes held a town meeting, and five New Yorkers were swinging from a tree.













It's All About Focus And Race Wars

After the Atlanta lynching of the President of the B'ani B'rith, American Jews quickly learned a united homogenous society can be detrimental to their health. Zionists soon realized that a multicultural society can't focus, so bring in the Hispanics, Orientals, Pakistanis, and let them fight with each other.

Zionists have been pushing race wars since 1880.








Why Not Discuss Who Is Behind Multiculturalism And Their Motive?

This is one of Zion's oldest tricks, simply divide and conquer. A country that's 25% Hispanic, 15% Asian, Indian, 50% European, etc will never unite against the real problem.






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