Another Kosher Hoax Is Exposed
















The Compound Is Raided For Child Pornography







A Major Raid Involving FBI, State Police, ATF







Christian Evangelist Turns Out To Be Zionist Con Man








He Conned Countless People And Amassed Millions Of Dollars








This 'Pastor' Had More Arrests Than John Dillinger







An Early Picture Of The Reverend And His Third Wife Susan Lipowitz






His Elaborate Remote Compound Allegedly Made Porno Movies









The Best Part

The funny thing is the Zionists at the Southern Poverty Law Center classifies this Reverend as a Christian anti-Semite, who stirs hatred of Jews. But the problem is this evil pastor is a Jewish man.






The Reverend's Background

Tony Alamo (nee Bernie LaZar Hoffman) was born in Missouri to Jewish-Romanian parents in 1934. Bernie is an American preacher, singer, entrepreneur, and religious evangelist. He and his then-wife Susan are best known as the founders of a radical fundamentalist organization currently known as Tony Alamo Christian Ministries. 








Bernie Leaves Missouri And Heads To California

In the early 1960s, Hoffman moved to Los Angeles, California








Bernie's Life From 1965 Through 1972

Bernie claimed he owned 75 gyms, was a big band singer, managed rock groups, and was an agent for top movie stars. 6










Bernie Gets The Hare Krishna Bug

It's 1973 and Bernie smells bucks and changes from a Romanian Jew to a hip California street preacher.







"The Lord Be Praised"

Bernie starts the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries. 







The Reverend Starts A Cult

In 1975, the Alamos transferred their headquarters to Alma, Ark., where the couple moved into a stately Victorian home and built dormitories for their followers. They began opening up businesses and eventually owned 30 in the town of 3,000, including a hog farm, a clothing store, a supermarket, and a large restaurant and banquet room popular with country singers. 








The Ministry Moves to Remote Arkansas

In 1976, the Alamos were accused of violating the Fair Labor Standards Act for failing to pay cult members working in Alamo-owned businesses. Still, while their lawyers battled the case in court — it would only be concluded in 1985, when they finally lost on appeal — the Alamos continued expanding their mini-empire, purchasing property in an idyllic nearby spot known as Georgia Ridge. It was there that Tony Alamo lived high above Alma — and the law — for more than a decade. 6








The Holy Compound Is Sacred

This went on for ten years, and you need to look at the characters involved. Rev. Alamo, and his Mrs, are really Romanian Zionists.

Over the years there were arrests on weapons charges, drugs, child labor, embezzlement, and molestation.







No Longer A Ghetto Rat From Krakow

Bernie Lazar is now Pastor Alamo, a young and charismatic Christian.







In 1982 Susan Alamo Dies And The Reverend Taxidermies The Body

He stuffed her body, called her a saint, and put her on display for months, charging church-goers to see her. 







Naughty Time Begins

Alamo didn't spoil the children of his cult and he didn't spare the rod. Stories of spankings were  commonplace. In January 1988, for instance, 11-year-old Justin Miller was spanked  140 blows by the Yenta Sarah.

California authorities filed felony child abuse charges in April 1989, and Alamo went into hiding almost immediately.







Police Drop Charges

As sex crimes start to surface the ADL, and concerned Jewish groups, pressure the District Attorney to drop the felony child abuse charges filed against Alamo in April 1989. Alamo wasted no time, going into hiding almost immediately.

Ultimately, in 1995, the child abuse charges would be dropped. But Miller's family sued Alamo and, in April 1990, a federal court in Fort Smith, Ark., awarded them $1.46 million.







Reverend Orlando Is Arrested In 1994

The Zionist was arrested in Florida for not paying taxes on $9 million between 1989 and 1993. He received six years in prison, and only served four. 6








After Prison, The Reverend Had A Lust For Children

Jackie Gardner, 12, on her wedding day. Reverend Alamo took nine child wives. A dozen ex-followers contacted the Arkansas State Police since 2003 but thanks to Jewish pressure the complaints were dropped.

Alamo took several more "wives" while he was "married" to Jael, she says, including a 9- and a 10-year-old girl.








A Legacy Of Ruined Childhoods

A common thread in all these Zionist cults is a string of pregnant, drugged, and defiled Christian girls.

Nikki Farr told the Report of fleeing Alamo's house in 1999 when she was 15 years old, after enduring what she described as three years of lewd talk during prison visits. Determined not to marry her then-65-year-old pastor, she says she escaped from the cult by crawling through ditches and over barbed wire.







In 1998, The Reverend Re-Settles In Fourke Arkansas

In 1998, Residents of Fouke, welcomed Alamo until the problems started arising. Reports of missing children, and Alamo's armed guards roaming the town threatening anyone that approached his compound.   

A local reporter began looking into Alamo Ministries online. There, she found a shocking litany of accusations and detailed accounts of serious physical abuse.







Residents Turn To The police

Ex-follower Sue Balsley confirmed four men spanked her son with140 blows on Alamo's orders.  Cyndi Jo Angulo wrote she was 15 and already married to someone else when she was summoned to Alamo's house to become his concubine "wife" in 1995. She was shocked to find her 11-year-old sister had already been taken as his "bride." 

It's a pattern of abuse that many suspect continues to this day.  9







Online Porn Was A Natural

Reverend Orlando (nee Bernie Hoffman) is alleged to be involved in a child pornography ring. 4

Federal agents and Arkansas state police who raided the headquarters of Tony Alamo Christian Ministries in the town of Fouke removed six girls ages 10 to 17. They said they were seeking evidence that children there had been molested or filmed having sex. 5







Like Many Other Zionists, He Was Involved In The Katrina Swindles

An Alamo warehouse was found with 8,000 stolen mattresses for Katrina victims, which Alamo right-hand man Thomas Scarcello, sold to a buyer for $500,000. Tempur-Pedic mattress company filed a  lawsuit is scheduled to be tried next January. 9

The ministry sold Counterfeit music CDs.







At 73, His Ashkazian Genetics Explode

In early 2007, Alamo cited the alleged promiscuity of 1st-graders as grounds for marrying them before the age of legal consent. “I’ve found out from people’s parents that their daughter started having sex when she was 6 years old and had sex every day of her life,” he said in another broadcast.

“So right there, by the time she’s 15 years old, she’s had sex thousands of times. I mean, this is just reality.” 4








The Great Messiah Is 75 Years Old

He still does Yahweh's work. The cons, the young children, and the ministry sees vast new avenues with the internet. 8








The Police Raid The Compound on 9/27/2008

Federal agents and Arkansas state police who raided the headquarters of Tony Alamo Christian Ministries in the town of Fouke removed six girls ages 10 to 17. They said they were seeking evidence that children there had been molested or filmed having sex. 6








Two Vans Full Of Kids On 11/19/2008

State police stopped of two of Alamo's vans after a high speed pursuit through Texarkana. There were 21 children, with ages ranging from one year old to eleven, taken into protective custody. Alamo was trying to hide them in one of his many various state compounds. 8








Reverend Tony Is On Trial

Prosecutors found out that this Zio-Scum-Bag actually married some of his pre-teen children.








His Assistant Pleads Guilty

His Jewish assistant, Allen Matthew Rehn, plead guilty to child abuse. The pair often made children undress, and then would spank them in front of other pre-teens. 5








Alamo's Enforcer

John Kolbeck was Alamo's number three man. A Jewish psycho that was feed young white gentiles girls. 8








Where Is The ADL?

Reverend Tony (nee Lazar Hoffman) is on trial in a small Arkansas town and there is always the chance of another Leo Frank type lynching.











Compare This To The Mormon Raid In Texas

They sent in SWAT teams and dragged 480 children from their Mormon parents, because some anonymous phone caller said 'The Mormon men are marrying their own daughters'. That case made the headlines for two months, but a cult of pornographers won't make the local Arkansas news.






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