Saint Simon Of Trent










A 14th Century Child That Was Butchered







The Bodies Are Always Found Drained Of Blood








An Ancient Ceremony Of Ritual Killing








 A Small Child Is Butchered








Creatures Of The Night







In Russia The Zionists Were Caught With Six Bodies








The Story Of Jewish Ritual Murder

This is a centuries-old story of the sacrifice of gentile children for a blood feast.







This Happened In 1475, In Trent, Italy

Bernardo da Feltre, an itinerant Franciscan preacher, had delivered a series of sermons in Trent, in which he vilified the local Jewish community. Shortly thereafter, a young boy named Simon went missing.






The Nude Child Is Torn To Pieces

When Simon went missing around Easter, 1475, his father thought that he must have been kidnapped and murdered by Jews. According to his story, Jews had drained Simon of his blood for a wicked Passover ceremony.  











The Child Was Found On An Altar In A Jewish Basement

"On Easter Sunday, 1475, the dead body of a 2-year-old Christian boy named Simon was found in the cellar of a Jewish family's house in Trent, Italy.








The Town Police Arrest  18 People

The town magistrates arrested 18 Jewish men and five Jewish women on the charge of ritual murder - the killing of a Christian child in order to use his blood in Jewish religious rites.














The Fiends Confessed

In a series of interrogations, the town obtained the confessions of the Jewish men. Eight were executed in late June, and another one committed suicide in jail"









The Child Was Made A Catholic Saint

The "Saint" was eventually considered a martyr and a patron of kidnap and torture victims. The boy Simon, who was tortured to death at Trent, was officially canonized by Pope Sixtus V.







Ancient Manuscripts Found

A scholar named Ariel Toaff, published a new book about that Bloody Easter a little over 600 years ago. Toaff claimed that dried blood was sometimes used for medicinal purposes by 15th Century Jews. Toaff relied on court records from the case of Simon of Trent, which recorded the statements made under torture by the local Jews.








The Child Has His Sainthood Stripped

In 1965, in the wake of the Second Vatican Council, the Catholic Church began to re-investigate the story of 'little Simon' and opened the trial records anew. Finally declaring the episode as "Anti-Semitic", Simon was de-canonized by Pope Paul VI and the shrine erected to him was dismantled.  He was removed from the calendar, and his future veneration was forbidden, but some traditional Catholics ignored this suppression and continue to venerate him. 









Join Our Fight

It is time for true history to flourish once again, and for all decent people to ask the Roman Catholic Church to Re-Canonize Saint Simon of Trent.

The Vatican's email is Respectfully, tell the Pope's office that Saint Simon of Trent should be re-canonized.










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