Jean-Pierre Orlewicz And Alexander James Letkemann







They Lured A Young Man Here And Killed Him







Third-Generation Holocaust Survivors








They Cut The Victim's Head Off With A Hacksaw







  Prosecutors And Judge Give Them A Break











Two Jewish Men Killed A 26 Year old For The 'Thrill'

DETROIT - Two thrill-seeking teenagers stabbed an adult acquaintance, took a blowtorch to his corpse and threw his severed head into a river, prosecutors said Monday as they charged the pair.






The Grandfather's Garage

Jean-Pierre Orlewicz and Alexander James Letkemann,  ambushed 26-year-old Daniel Sorenson last Wednesday in a garage owned by Orlewicz’s grandfather, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said. A tarp had been spread on the floor, she said.







Tortured The Victim With A Blowtorch

Orlewicz and Letkemann burned his hands and feet with a blowtorch, possibly in an effort to conceal his identity.








They Cut His Head Off

“They lured him in the garage where they prepared a space to kill him,” Worthy said at a news conference.

Sorenson, who had worked as a bouncer, was stabbed multiple times in the back, his head was sawed off and his body was wrapped in the tarp, authorities said.






Body Found

The teens loaded Sorenson’s torso in a pickup truck, dumped it in a cul-de-sac and set it on fire using gasoline.






Judge Charges Him With Mutilation Of A Body

Alexander Letkemman, who is accused of killing and beheading a River Rouge man, has accepted a plea deal from prosecutors. Wayne County Circuit Court let the 18-year-old plead guilty to second-degree murder and disinterment and mutilation of a dead body.









Two Others Involved

 "Izzy" Ayyash, 17, of Livonia helped load the torso, and dispose of it. Another Jewish teen was the lookout, but he wasn't charged either. 8












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