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Seth Warshavsky (born 1973) was a pioneer in the Internet pornography industry, and the founder of Internet Entertainment Group (IEG). During the dot-com boom years of the late 1990s, Warshavsky's openness to media attention made him the face of the online pornography industry to a public fascinated with what was believed to be the only segment of the dot-com industry to be operating at a profit.

He stuck some Russian sex slaves in a warehouse in Seattle on moldy couches. He formed Internet Entertainment Group's flagship website, There was a monthly membership fee where you watched the girls masturbate, and for a fee you could telephone them. 1





No Ordinary Inbred Krakow Zionist

Seth was a pioneer with such things as up-skirt cams, toilet cams, and the art of voyeurism.
Some of his controversies involved video starring Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, and Kelsey Grammer.





The Famous Dr. Laura Nudes

Many a young man fantasized about being spanked by Dr. Laura, thanks to the pics. Many psychologists credit Seth with the 'Auntie Laura Syndrome'






Seth Is Now Based In Thailand

Warshavksy fled the country in January, 2001 to Bangkok, Thailand, leaving in his wake a number of unpaid creditors and former IEG employees.







There Were 100,000 Subscribers

At IEG's peak, Warshavsky claimed to have 100,000 subscribers and $50 million annual revenue.






Try Seth's Sex Chat

One of his many websites allows you to talk dirty to some very naughty girls. Lets just hope it's not some confused Israeli teen, or his father, sitting in an internet cafe in a Hebron settlement.








Should Seth Be Extradited And Stuck In Pelican Bay?


No - Don't extradite, he could have found religion in Thailand, maybe even becoming a Rabbi


Yes - Extradite him, and stick him with the Aryan Brotherhood in Pelican Bay free polls



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