Special Training Ground For Israel's "Death Dogs"





Israelis Use Dogs On Arabs






Israelis Use Arabs For Practice






What Did This Grandmother Do?







Eight Year-Old Girl Ripped Apart By Israeli Dogs





Most IDF Soldiers Won't Work With These Dogs










Israeli Soldiers Fire Into Crowds As Teens Throw Rocks






A 14 Year-Old Is Dead







A Father And Sons Cry Over A Child







Shooting At Rock-Throwers Is Allowed






This 'Punk' Has Thrown His Last Rock






Izzie Wants To Bag An Arab






Two Were Shot

A Palestinian teenager was killed and another was wounded by Israel Defense Forces troops during a raid into the West Bank city of Bethlehem on Monday, Palestinian medical officials said.

The officials said the teenager was shot in his stomach by the troops who were surrounding a building in the city during a search for militants.






Lieutenant Yaakov Gigi

An IDF spokeswoman said troops had initially used non-lethal riot dispersal means but resorted to live fire at the lower bodies of some demonstrators when they endangered the troops by throwing stones.







Firing Into Protestors

Last week, IDF troops killed a Palestinian teenager in the West Bank city of Hebron. Witnesses said troops opened fire at local residents who hurled rocks at troops in the village, killing the teenager.









ISM Shut Down The 'Death Dogs'

In the Jenin massacre, there were always rumors that Israeli soldiers had specially-trained dogs, that killed Arabs. ISM documentation shut this down.



A Special Breed Of Sheperd

The normal German or Belgian Shepherd Dog won't do.










90 Second Video - Israelis shooting women

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