These Kids Were Sexually Assaulted, And Then Butchered









Police Search The Crime Scene

Sexually Assaulted, And Then Butchered.







The Head Of One Of The Children







One Of The Boy's Cub Scout Hat







The Knife Used To Fillet The Children








The Path The Killers Took To The Creek







These Three Kosher Mutts Did It








15 Years Later, They Are Sitting In Prison








Now They Are Media Darlings

Innocent Boys Convicted By Mob Mentality, So Says The Zionist Media Machine.







Winona Ryder Is Leading A Campaign To Free Them








The Murders

Steve Branch, Christopher Byers, and Michael Moore disappeared from their Robin Hood Hills neighborhood in 1993. The next day, the bodies were found in a drainage canal.  They were stripped naked and had been hog-tied with their own shoelaces: their right ankles tied to their right wrists behind their backs, the same with their left limbs. The clothing was mostly turned inside-out; two of the boys' underwear was never recovered.

The bodies were drained of blood.







The Killers Were Teenagers In 1993

At the time of their arrests, Jessie Misskelley was 17 years old, Jason Baldwin was 16, and Damien Echols was 18.







Echols Had Been Stalking The Children

Echols had been watching the boys. Milansky testified that at one cult meeting,  he saw a picture that Echols had taken of the three boys. 







They Raped And Tortured The Children

The killers lured the children to a creek, where the boys were severely beaten by Baldwin and Echols. At least two of the boys were raped and forced to perform oral sex on Baldwin and Echols, while Misskelley masturbated. All three boys had their clothes taken off and were tied up.

The participants would typically meet in the woods. They engaged in homosexual orgies and, as an initiation rite, practiced the killing, and kosher slaughter, of neighborhood dogs.  










The Torture Was Straight Out Of A Jewish Ritual

Echols admitted that he was deeply interested in non-Christian religions.  Including a funeral register upon which he had drawn a pentagram, the Star of David, and inverted crosses and had a copied magical spell. Among the evidence seized were black T-shirts and lyrics from Metallica songs. Echols testified that he wore a long black trench coat even when it was warm. One witness, Jerry Driver, said he had seen Echols, Baldwin, and Misskelley together six months before the murders, wearing long Hassidic black coats and carrying long staves. There were the typical head wounds on the boys were consistent with the sacrifice of 'Blood Libel'.

He testified that the date of the killings, the day before a pagan holiday Beltane (Passover). He stated that young children are often sought for sacrifice because "the younger, the more innocent, the better the life force." He testified that there were three victims, and the number three had significance in occultism. Also, the victims were all eight years old, 








The Screams As The Children Were Sliced To Death

The fact that the victims were tied ankle to wrist was significant because this was done to display the genitalia, and the removal of Byers's testicles was significant because testicles are removed for the semen. This part of the statement is biologically inconsistent; semen is produced in the seminal vesicles and prostate, not the testes, and the three victims were pre-pubescent. He stated that the absence of blood at the scene could be significant because cult members store blood for future services in which they would drink the blood or bathe in it.







The Multiple Cuts

Griffis testified that the "overkill" or multiple cuts could reflect ritual sacrifice overtones. Griffis testified that there was significance in injuries to the left side of the victims as distinguished from the right side: evidence of Hasidic blood libel. The right side is related to those things synonymous with Christianity while the left side is that of the practitioners of the occult.

He testified that the clear place on the bank could be consistent with a ceremony. In sum, Griffis testified that there was significant evidence of  ritual killings.  4









Suddenly, These Killers Are The Cause De Celeb

Every TV station, and Zionist organization, is pushing for their exoneration. 6







Documentaries Claiming They Were Innocent

Paradise Lost is an HBO documentary about the ongoing story of the West Memphis Three. The basic story is that 3 young boys were horribly tortured, mutilated and murdered in West Memphis, Arkansas. The only suspects for the murders were 3 teenage boys (Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley, and Jason Baldwin) who were the local "black sheep" of the town. 

The documentary explores the prejudice and ineptitude of the police investigation, and the seemingly tragic path of these young men as two are sentenced to lives in prison and one to death. One of the murdered boys' fathers, Mark Byers is also shown as an unbelievably suspicious lunatic and is allowed to roam free, while the 3 boys, now men, have been in prison for 12 years. 8








Echols Writes A Best Seller

Echols was the one that lured the boys there, a real monster. Now, in an odd twist of fate, he has a Zionist publishing house touting his book.







Another Movie

The Cohen Brothers backed a movie saying anti-Semitism, and mob mentality, had convicted these innocent boys. 5








Rock Music Benefits

Promoters even stage music concerts to raise funds for legal appeals.







Local Jewish Groups Demand  A New Trial

Jonesboro, AR - A hearing about whether or not two men convicted in the deaths of three West Memphis 8-year-olds received adequate legal counsel resumes Monday in Jonesboro.  7








Doctor Baden Is Coming To Testify

The famous Jewish pathologist, Doctor Baden, said the wounds on the children were not inflicted by the boys, but rather by animals. 3







Doctor Werner Spitz

Dr. Spitz was more emphatic. "None of the injuries were caused during life, and none were caused by a serrated knife, or any knife for that matter. These are not sharp injuries that have characteristics, and those characteristics are not identifiable or synonymous with a knife or any other sharp force type injury. . . I couldn't understand what this issue was all about because it was so obvious that these are animal product." 8








This Smells Like Another Leo Frank Case

Frank was the president of the B'nai B'rith in 1913 Atlanta, and he butchered a 12 year-old girl. Once again, the Jewish people pulled every possible bit of legal wrangling and propaganda possible.






The Leo Frank Case

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