Kids Being Grabbed Out Of Refugee Camps









A French/Israeli Front Organization








Abraham Peliant Is One Of Seventeen Arrested











Locals Want Justice








A Zionist Front For Organ Theft









Israeli Nurses/Flight Attendants









Sakozy Rushes Off To Chad

This guy wouldn't jump into a swimming pool to save a drowning child, but he rushes off to Africa?









Kidnapped For Their Organs









Sarkozy Arrives To Rescue Kidnappers









This Is An Odd Story

It was first written off as a sex ring, but that didn't make any sense. Who is going to pay $2,000 to have sex with a 12 year-old black boy, when you have hundreds of 10 year-old white Ukrainian girls all over Tel Aviv. But someone is paying $3,000 a kid wholesale, and the reason is black market organs.

It's just economics in organ trading. You bring in a 12 year-old into Tel Aviv, and you don't just grab one $5,000 kidney, and then spend $200,000 raising the kid through college. That kid hits the operating table and he has kidneys, liver, cornea, heart, lung, marrow, etc., and everything is removed. That kid is murdered for his organs. It happens in Israel because of the security needed to cover the operation.

The kidnappers get $3,000 a kid, and all the organs can bring $150,000.




The Front Organization

The French “humanitarian” charity NGO Zoe’s Ark (L’Arche de Zoé) involved in Chad and Darfur is under investigation by the United Nations, France, and Chad for trafficking in black children in the widely under-reported “L'Arche de Zoé affair.”






Chad's President Creates A Smokescreen

Chadian President Idriss Déby is alleging “pedophilia” for arresting seventeen Europeans intercepted at an airport in Chad attempting to depart to France with 103 “Darfur orphans”.







This Is Organ Trafficking

Organ trafficking is the trade in kidneys and other organs—a rampant global trade—that is driven by elite high-paying customers in industrialized nations who can afford to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a life-saving organ. Children, and sometimes adults, in poor countries are often trafficked for organ "donations", though most are unwilling donors who do not survive the "donation."







Chad Villagers

They threatened to hang the Zionists.







The Pilot

Jacob Wilmart, the 74-year-old Belgian pilot is also suspected in African/Israeli diamond running.





$3500 A Child

The Zoe’s Ark project began fundraising April 28, 2007 to “evacuate 10,000 orphans facing certain death” to France and the United States. Some 300 European’s paid 2000 Euros ($3450) each as “donations” toward logistics costs to receive an orphan.






French Military Provides Logistic Support

The Zoe's Ark NGO was reportedly provided logistical support by the French military, and they had made numerous trips to villages on the Darfur border offering enticements and taking children. Their access to war-torn regions of the Chad/Darfur border was secured through participation in the international relief consortium and its security apparatus.






Mothers Are Outraged

Who are these white people who set up clinics, examine children, and ask questions. In a refugee camp of 10,000 our children turn up missing. Chad administrators called the mothers unruly misfits whose outrage and concern about affluent whites with security details child trafficking their children were unfounded.




Chad President Idriss Deby

Idress Deby feigns outrage while Israeli mercenaries use his country to raid Darfur's outlying villages. The Israelis mercenaries use Hind helicopters with fuel air bombs, level remote villages, and the UN blames the Arab leaders of the oil rich Sudan.






The Lords Of Human Rights

International white leaders like George Bush, Tony Blair or Hillary Clinton, say that these African countries use children as soldiers, and Jewish organizations are saving lives.







Gullible Christian Zionists

They often donate $150,000 for what they think is a rescue mission.






Tel Aviv Hospital

They specialize in organ removal and transplants.







Security Is The Key

Once the person is dissected, then the body is shipped to the basement and cremated.






Dr Heim Natonowsky

He went to Harvard, Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University, and residenced at Mount Sinai. Heim received every possible grant, and scholarships. It is doubtful he has repaid his student loans.










Bank Of Boston

A number of Zionist controlled banks will offer student loans to 'Gifted' students. Dr Jacobs is off to Ertez Israel and the loan is written off. Naturally someone has to pay, and that is the US taxpayer.










Kick Over A Rock

You just have to figure the money trail when you are kidnapping child refugees. That trial leads to an operating room, and organ trafficking. Then what is Sarkozy doing going to Chad to get these cretins out? He fits in because the charity is based in France, and Israel doesn't want a connection.

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