Erik Prince, The Founder Of Blackwater







The Billion-Dollar Private Army








He Gets Quizzed By Senator Waxman













From Country Club Brat To Modern-Day Napoleon

You have to wonder how a 27 year-old starts the largest private army in history, and then gets billions of dollars in government contracts.










Erik Comes From A Wealthy Family

He was born in Holland Michigan, an heir to billions.







The Father Was Edgar Prince 

Edgar Prince was a billionaire due to auto accessories, such as the vanity mirror sun visor.





Erik's Astronomical Rise

Born in 1970, Erik graduated high school 1988. In 1990, he went off to the Naval Academy, but dropped out after three semesters. He graduated Hillsdale College in 1992. Fresh out of school, he worked for Bush, then Buchanan, in 1992. Now, young Erik becomes an officer in the Navy SEALS. Next, his poppa dies and he decides to quit the SEALS in 1995. In 1997, he founded Blackwater.

Oddly, there are no pictures of him as a SEAL?





The Prince Family Connections

The entire group were Christian Zionists. Edgar Prince, Jay Van Andel, and Richard Devos, were the ones who actually created the Moral Majority, not Jerry Falwell, who was recruited by them to front the organization.






Prince's Sister Marries

Betsy Prince married Richard Devos, the Amway scion. They push Christian Zionist causes such as the Christian Institute. At the heart of these right-wing organizations is nothing but "Bomb Iraq, Iran, Syria and save Israel."






Prince's Mother Remarries

She marries an Abraham Broekhuizen







The Moral Majority

A giant con to bring gullible Christians onto the side of Israel, and turn them against Muslims.






Blackwater Today

Just in 2006, it received $600 million, but that is what they admit to.








New Orleans' Katrina Disaster

When the Schwartzes (Yiddish derogatory term for black people) were hesitant about leaving New Orleans, Bush sent in this personal NKVD-style strike force.

Zionists want New Orleans to be a 'Schwartze-Free zone', because it's their new Las Vegas.








Blackwater Is Just A Group Of Zionist-Controlled Thugs

They are saturated with Israeli advisors, some good special forces team leaders, and a lot of low-level thugs. As far as Erik Prince goes, his biography has more gaps than a local holocaust speaker.

Does anyone realize how dangerous it is to have a group of government-sponsored thugs at your command? This is no elite protection group. This garbage is one step above a South African or Central American death squad.








Dov Zakheim


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Blackwater helicopter gets ambushed

Blackwater is set up in Fallujah
The Scott Halveston Execution

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